“A Celtic-inspired convergence community empowering creative ministry to serve the

people of God through Word, Sacrament, and Spirit.”



“To be a convergence ministry that experiences, expresses, and proclaims the Gospel
through the Celtic tradition of communities and individuals wrapped in Christian mystery
and Faith. The Apostolate is a center for developing and empowering different
ministries and ministers through formation, association, and Episcopal oversight.”

How do convergence and the Celtic tradition inform what we do?

Celtic - 1) Radical sense of intimate local communities. 2) Episcopal oversight based on
relationships and spiritual friendship. 3)Mystical holistic sense of Christian spirituality
and the immanent experience of God’s presence by recognizing a thin boundary
between the natural and supernatural (i.e. the “thin places” as described by the celts). 4)
Apostolic faith and order. 5) Missionary and outreach in nature.

Convergence - 1) Recognizing Christianity as “One stream, three currents” in nature. A
holistically Biblical faith of Word, Sacrament, and Spirit. 2) Grounded in Anglican liturgy
and theology from the Book of Common Prayer. 3) Evangelically Word-based and Holy
Spirit-filled. 4) Ecumenically minded through the Biblically grounded common ground
shared with other Christian communities.



Prophetic Voice:
We strive to be a voice that heralds the Good News and brings a dying and sinful culture the
unchanging love and transforming power of Jesus Christ.

Empowering Ministries:
Because the life of the Church arises out of the vibrancy of local congregations/ministries, we
focus on the health and growth of our existing ministries and the gospel mission that Christ has
called us to embrace together as his disciples.

Supporting Our Clergy:
Healthy, secure, and growing ministries are led by godly, biblically-grounded clergy who are
supported by their Chief Pastor, the Bishop.

Planting Churches:
Our clergy and laity's commitment to our Lord Jesus Christ, their spiritual gifts, dynamic energy,
and immense creativity and flexibility, allows our Apostolate to plant healthy, growing, and
faithful ministries that are dedicated to biblical faith, apostolic order, and global mission.

Developing New Clergy:
If we are to replant biblical, missional ministries across North America, we must invite Spirit-
filled men and women to join us in our journey. To this end, one of our Bishop's highest priorities
is the directing, educating, and unleashing of spiritual power, enthusiasm, and entrepreneurial
creativity of our new and upcoming clergy.

Maintaining a commitment to the Canons of the communion.

It is of vital importance that all we do is in alignment with the canon law of this communion.

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