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Deacons...after a period of formation and discernment may well lead to ‘holy orders’ ie being ordained as a deacon in Christ’s one holy, catholic and apostolic church. The diaconate can be vocational (serving perpetually at the altar, in the church and in the community) or it can be transitional in preparation for the priesthood.

Priests...once one has surrendered to the priesthood in the AOSC which may lead to church planting, serving on the mission field and or leading an order, society or community.

Bishops...once recommended, examined, approved and consecrated a bishop in the AOSC may be assigned as a jurisdictional, missional, administrative or coadjutor role at the discretion of the Archbishop and the Archbishop’s council. 

Brothers and Sisters...one of the most overlooked and yet fully qualified and called persons necessary for the success of the expansion of Christ’s Church is the understanding that ‘every believer is a minister and every minister should have a ministry’.

In that company of believers are men and women with a specific call to serve the in the body of Christ. That calling is responded to in the AOSC through the ORDER OF ST CHAD where these persons calling is affirmed and they are then commissioned to the office of Brother/Sister.

Partner ministries...these are churches, para-church ministries, humanitarian and community organizations that wish to partner with the AOSC in a collegial relationship. The goal is to express in practice the unity prayer of Jesus in John 17. Demonstrating that we can do more together than alone.

The Apostolate of St Chad grounds its convergence experience in the liturgy and theology of the Anglican church under the authority of the infallible and inerrant word of God yet directed by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and the gifts he bestows.  The Apostolate of St. Chad experiences, expresses, and proclaims the Gospel through the Celtic tradition of communities and individuals wrapped in Christian mystery and faith.

As a member of the Continuing Evangelical Episcopal Communion the AOSC has its authority from and is governed by the Canons of the CEEC and its Bishops. The call and purpose of the AOSC is to be a non geographical jurisdiction within the CEEC providing a home for seekers wishing to begin a journey in the ancient future faith. The AOSC is made up of individuals, church plants, Orders, Societies and communities. All for the purpose of becoming the body of Christ.

Seekers...those persons that have an interest in learning about  Ancient Future faith and the convergence movement. These seekers are welcome to journey with us. Whether they remain with us on the journey or choose to exit they remain our brothers and sisters.

Postulants...these are those seekers that feel God is calling them to join with us for spiritual formation and discernment. This can be a life changing experience as one grows into the call of God on their lives.

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